Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day out on a Steam Train

Thomas Loves Trains, in fact to say Thomas Loves Trains is somewhat of an understatement.

Thomas is mad about all things trains, our (and by our I mean his) favourite day out is to the York National Railway Museum, to which we have to go by bus and train.

So when we decided to go on holiday this year I decided that Tom and I would go by steam train on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway from Pickering to Whitby and Amie and Jack would go by car and meet us there.

the trip took us 2 hours by train, it was an experience, travelling at a relaxed rate we were able to enjoy the trip, in it is the first time that I have ever seen or heard Tom be quite for such a long time, he looked out the window all the way and expressed his disappointment when the trip was over, snapped this picture about an hour in.

would highly recommend a trip on the NYMR if your ever over that way, you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What a great day out!

We went to Birstwith Village show over the summer holidays, there were lots of interesting things to see and do, the boys enjoyed it.

Like all village shows there were some events for the public to take part in, I never have and probably never will take part in this sort of event, Jack is like me and not really into that sort of stuff either.

When they announced the under 5s running race we thought that we would ask Tom if he wanted to take part, fully expecting him to say no, but to everyones surprise he said yes and ran out into the arena to join all the other kids at the starting line.

And to everyone's surprise HE ACTUALLY WON THE RACE.....WAY TO GO THOMAS!!!!

The picture above is him showing off the medal he got! Sometimes they just amaze me, was so proud of him.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How they Have changed!

Can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted on my blog, where does the time go!

Anyway this time I won't say that I will post more soon as its obvious that I never do!

This picture of the boys was snapped by Amie the other day, its cropped up nicely so thought I would post it up.

Anyway that's it for now, will probably put something else up in a couple of years!



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter is on its way

Well winter is on its way and the leaves are all collecting in our front yard, it's a good job that Jack likes gardening!

Snapped this picture at the weekend when I was using him to tramp the leaves down in the garden waste bin.

Thomas was walking around not helping but offering support in the form of "good boy Daddy" and then "good boy Jack" and finally "good boy Mummy".

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And then there were two

Been a while since I last blogged, its been busy busy busy and since the last blog was before Thomas was born its been all hands to the pumps raising two little boys.
The picture below was taken on our holiday this year at Butlin's Skegness, or "Our Holiday House" as Jack calls it. Again one of the high points of the holiday was feeding the ducks out of the apartment window.

This was the first time that Thomas slept in a "Big Boy Bed" instead of his crib, so we had a couple of instances where both boys were up at 5:30 playing with toys in the livingroom!

Jack Starts "Big School" this September as he was an August Baby he will be the youngest in his Class, Thomas starts Nursery in September quickly they grow.